Raleigh Divorce Blog

Same-sex couples all over North Carolina are rushing to their local Register of Deeds, filling out licenses, paying the fee and getting married.  It’s a thrilling time for these couples, and an uncertain time for the law. After the Western District of North Carolina issued its Memorandum of Decision and Order in complaint filing fee […]

Raleigh Domestic Violence Lawyer

Since 1987, Domestic Violence Awareness Month has been observed in October. Evolving from the Day of Unity from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the intent is to connect advocates who are working to end domestic violence. With media coverage of celebrities such as Ray Rice and Greg Hardy, domestic violence issues are receiving a […]

QDRO during Divorce Raleigh, NC

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (or QDRO) is an order that establishes how a qualified retirement or pension plan will be divided during a divorce. “Qualified” plans are also called ERISA plans.  They are 401k retirement accounts (usually).  In essence, the ex-spouse becomes a co-beneficiary of the retirement plan and he/she will be responsible for […]