Child Support Lawyers in Raleigh

child support lawyer in Raleigh, NC

North Carolina courts use a set of standard guidelines to determine child support based on the parents’ incomes and the amount of custody time each one has with the children. Complications can and do arise in determining support, from a parent quitting a job to avoid paying support to disputes over who will claim tax exemptions, which parent provides health insurance, and the costs of daycare. In some cases, children also have special medical or other needs that must be accounted for in determining the appropriate amount of child support. The Palmé Law Firm handles all these issues and can help you get to the right answer on how much child support is necessary for your family.

Even after child support has been established, situations often arise where the income of one parent or another changes—whether it is because of a promotion or because one person loses his or her job. In instances like this, modification of a child support amount becomes necessary. Delays in taking legal action to modify a child support amount can create situations where one parent is burdened with costs that they simply don’t have the ability to pay. The sooner you address the issue of modifying and recalculating child support, the less problematic it will be. Contact our lawyers today to help you get a handle on child support issues before they get out of control. The lawyers at the Palmé Law Firm are here to help you.