Alimony and Postseparation Support

Alimony Lawyers in Raleigh, NCThere are two kinds of support available to spouses who are divorcing: postseparation support and alimony. Postseparation support is temporary and is ordered by a court to help one spouse meet his or her expenses after separation. Many people sacrifice careers to raise children or help a spouse build a successful business. Often, the stay-at-home parent finds that there are few job prospects immediately after a separation. Postseparation support can be critical to those who find themselves suddenly without any income and facing a mortgage and monthly bills. Alimony is long-term support that continues after divorce. It is intended to help a spouse who was dependent on the other person’s income to maintain an accustomed standard of living while a person gets back on his or her feet. It can form a base of financial security while a dependent spouse finds a job and becomes independent. Alimony and postseparation support are different from child support and different rules govern who is entitled to support and the amount that a supporting spouse can be ordered to pay. Because there are no guidelines for spousal support, the Courts take all sorts of different factors into account when determining how much support will be paid, for how long, or whether support will be paid at all. Marital misconduct, such as adultery or abuse, the incomes of the parties, the amount one spouse has left after paying his or her bills, and how much another spouse needs to meet his or her reasonable monthly expenses, are just some of the many factors that must be taken into account when determining what a reasonable amount of support looks like. The Palmé Law Firm in Raleigh can help you whether you are seeking support from a spouse or defending against an alimony claim. Put our experience to work for you by contacting our lawyers for an initial consultation today.